Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Refugee problems in the world today were created by the Western powers:Visvanathan

Dear Friends,

Group of babies born in detention centres and facing deportation to Nauru and Manus.Most of the refugee problems in the world today were created by the Western powers. When they decolonised the African colonies, they set up puppet regimes, who were pliable to them but were extremely corrupted. As a result the people became poor and desperate, while these powers we bleeding these former colonies of their mineral resources. Responsible leaders like Patrice Lumumba were killed and dipped into nitric acid, as they were not agreeable to plans and these were replaced by
corrupted leaders such as Col.Mobutu, who robbed the Congo of its wealth.

That is not all. The Tamil exodus from Sri Lanka was the result of the geopolitical needs of the Western powers and the desire for vengeance of the Italian Sonia, who has Gandhi's name attached to hers. Australia was supporting Rajapaksa all along. Now the Tamils find life in Sri Lanka unbearable, and they want to leave the country. Sinhalese politicians are there to help the Tamils leave the country and they make hefty profits on this venture. They use the SL navy to help the people smugglers to smuggle these desperados, longing for a better life in Australia. The treatment meted out to these miserable lot by the Australian authorities are deplorable. As you will read in the links below.

President Bush created similar situation in the Middle East by executing his 'War on Terror'. Instead of allowing Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi to rule their respective countries, Iraq and Libya to control the fanatics, he removed both of them. As a result, the fanatics ISIS ace now cutting the throats of the poor minorities, especially the Coptic Christians. That started the exodus in the Middle East and thousands of refugees are drowning on their way to Italy. This struck the conscience of the Europeans and they are now trying to prevent these people from drowning, but Australian leaders don't seem to have any conscience at all. Please read the links.