Sunday, December 18, 2011


When artificial satellites cross the space (later it was found by scientists of NASA that it was space above the sani(saturn) bhagavan temple at thirunallar, nagai district of TN) they slow down for 3 seconds.   Scientists were astonished and found that some rays fall on the temple regularly FROM SPACE and ON the time/DAY of saturn transit more dense rays fall on the temple. The colour of the rays is nearly black (The colour which we associate with each of the navagrahas in our temples – For Sani it is Black) satellites which are crossing that space slow down by 3 seconds but no damage to their functioning.

A few years ago US sent a satellite which kept revolving round our globe & whenever it crossed right above the spot of Thirunallaar (East Coast Divine place of Tamil Nadu) it staggers, moves forward very slowly for a while! NASA observed it and was puzzled! It is also said that during the Sani- Peyarchchi , a most sacred festival of the place, say once in 30 months , a very dense UV rays falls from the Space on the place ( it seems there is always a greater flow of UV rays compared to the quota received by any other part of our earth at that place ; and during the said festival the density gets more!) No explanations from the Scientists. Just accept it as a miracle. It is not a fiction.

Time (Kaala) Blessed Saneeswara by hitting his knee with a rod causing the latter walk slowly;

(This was done in order to develop the quality of Patience in Sani, As the primary quality required by god of Justice which sani is Patience)   

Refer the song of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar on Him in his Navaavarna composition--- Kaala Danda Paripeedita Jaanum --- Divaakara Tanujam--Sanaischcharam) describing the whole episode. Perhaps the US satellite also pays its salutations to Him as it crosses above over Him by moving slowly or may be forced to stagger by His powers! You may imagine in either way!)
Source : dailythanthi