Thursday, November 17, 2011

May 17 Movement of Chennai

Thirumurugan Gandhi is one of those Tamils in Tamil Nadu who rose from
the ashes of Mullivaaikkal genocide of May 2009. His organization
called the May 17 Movement of Chennai dates back to the date of the
holocaust. Just as Prabhakaran and the Tamil Tigers are products of
Sinhala chauvinism, Thirumurugan and others like Seeman are a result
of Congress treachery in the massacre of Tamils in Tamil Eelam. These
are people who feel that the Delhi Block cannot be trusted to take
care of Tamil rights in any part of the world.

Appended below is Thirumurugan’s conviction on why the three people
should not be hanged when bigger criminal are allowed to move  in
relative freedom in Tamil Nadu.  Please read on to see the conspiracy
behind the Rajiv murder.


'A doubt does arise regarding Chandraswami's complicity and involvement'

By Thirumurugan Gandhi
15 Nov 2011

Is it fair to hang Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, when the MDMA
formed to probe the larger conspiracy in Rajiv’s assassination is yet
to submit its report, argues Thirumurugan Gandhi in a two-part article
in The Weekend Leader. You can read the first part of this article

The Justice Verma Commission, which inquired into the lapses in Rajiv
Gandhi’s security, strongly condemned the security and intelligence
wings of both the Central and State governments for the serious lapses
in the security provided to the former Prime Minister.

The buzz at that time was that some of the top intelligence officials
had been aware about the plot to kill Rajiv, but for some reason had
failed to act on the information.

What is the truth? Did any of the officials have specific intelligence
about the plot to assassinate Rajiv?

The truth may never be known, but it is a fact that some of the
officials never extended their full cooperation to the Verma

For instance, the then director of Intelligence Bureau, M K Narayanan,
denied he was present at a meeting organized by the home secretary
Bhargava in 1991, soon after the Lok Sabha polls were announced. The
meeting reportedly discussed Rajiv’s security details.

The then assistant home secretary N K Singh told the Verma Commission
that Narayanan was aware of the details of Rajiv‘s security, which he
claimed was discussed at the meeting organized by Bhargava. But
Narayanan had denied he was present at the meeting.

When Verma Commission asked Narayanan to give in writing that he was
not present at the meeting, he declined to do so. Why?

Both the Special Investigation Team (SIT) and Narayanan appeared to be
hesitant to submit the original video that showed the final moments
before the blast to the Verma Commission.

The SIT maintained that the said video was being investigated by
international experts to see if it had been tampered with. Even in the
last sitting of the commission, Justice Verma wanted to see the video,
but SIT chief Karthikeyan told him that it was still with the foreign

However, Verma saw the video later and in his report made it a point
to raise the question why the last few seconds of the video alone was
blurred. Had the video been tampered with?

There’s one piece of information on Narayanan that may not be directly
relevant to the subject under discussion, but nevertheless reveals
some interesting information about Narayanan, who later became the
National Security Advisor (and the main organizer of the genocide in

Writing about Narayanan some time ago in South Asian Analysis Group, B
Raman, a well-known security expert and former additional secretary,
cabinet secretariat, Government of India, observed:
“I had often seen sections of the media writing that he (Narayanan)
owed his appointment as the National Security Adviser to his contacts
with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

“I never believed such stories. MK (Narayanan) has never been known to
curry favour with political leaders in order to secure an official

 “He was a great networker and maintained excellent relations with
many people on both sides of the political spectrum. He got along as
famously with V.P.Singh and Chandrasekhar as he did with Rajiv Gandhi.

“He got along as famously with Atal Behari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna
Advani as he did with Narasimha Rao.”

(Wikileak revelation has this to say of M.K.Narayanan: MK 'Mike'
Narayanan as a long-time Gandhi family loyalist who is part of the
traditional "coterie" around the Congress President Sonia Gandhi.
Narayanan along with Principal Secretary TKA Nair, the cable states,
constitute a Keralite "mafia" in the Prime Minister's Office. "In a
bureaucratic culture dominated by North Indian Hindi speakers, this
Keralite lock on the PM's inner bureaucratic circle represents
something of an anomaly, which could in the long term create new fault
lines around the Prime Minister," the leaked document elaborates on
the impact of the "Keralite mafia.")

Moving on from Narayanan, there is also another piece of information
that gives credence to the belief that some intelligence officials may
have been aware of the plot to assassinate Rajiv.

On 20 May 1991, a day before Rajiv’s assassination, the then Joint
Director of IB wrote a letter to the police chiefs in all States
requesting them to increase the security provided to Rajiv. Did he
know that the assassins were closing in on Rajiv?

Justice Jain Commission

Justice Jain, who probed the broader conspiracy in Rajiv’s
assassination, made damning references to Chandraswami and Subramanian
Swamy, which are still being talked about.

The Jain Commission Report, referring to Chandraswami, stated that
based on “the entire evidence, material and circumstances brought on
record into consideration, a doubt does arise regarding Shri
Chandraswami's complicity and involvement."

On Subramnian Swamy, the Report states: "It would appear that a
consistent and persistent effort is there on his part not to answer
the questions which are most relevant in order to find out the truth."

Following the submission of the Jain Commission Report, the BJP
government formed the Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) in
1998 to probe these issues. The MDMA is yet to complete its

Is it fair to hang the three, Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, when
so many questions remain unanswered in the Rajiv assassination case?

Thirumurugan Gandhi is a human rights activist and organiser of May 17
Movement in Chennai


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