Saturday, April 11, 2015

The massacre of 20 innocent Tamils ​​PM maintaining silence, and why?

20 innocent Tamils ​​were murdered by the police in the forest of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh in the event that the WFS questioned why Narendra Modi maintaining silence.He issued a statement on Friday,Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 20 innocent Tamils ​​in the forests of Andhra Pradesh Special Guard have cruelly murdered. They are firing on the police's Special Task Force antirak reasons stated clearly and unequivocally that has been proven false.Chittoor from Thiruvannamalai bus carrying workers for building work, police shot and killed antirak abducted. Shekhar, who had escaped from the police, who confirmed this. In the absence of any angry, horrible act appears to be a conspiracy behind antirak arankerriyiruppatan police. The execution of any of the people with influence antirattil acaiyaiya police shot and killed the innocent Tamils ​​ammanilak of regarding it's possible. If this is the case, the investigation of the assassination of 20 people to melt away, it will try to mask the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu ruthlessly killed 20 people so far, it could not even be upset ensues. Moreover, in the capital of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rajnath Singh met Union Home vilakkamalittiruppatu seen as an attempt to justify the actions of their government.

In such circumstances, a fair trial and to ensure restoration of the facts brought to light duty and responsibility of the federal government, the state is. But it is plausible to investigate the killings of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh chief minister wrote opannircelvam withdrew. Narendra Modi natantatakave never made such a phenomenon. Antirak blooded killings by police in the state of Tamil Nadu Turbulent He made no reference to the Prime Minister. In such cases, the Chief Minister, the Prime Minister of comfort to the families of the show, the two states will issue a decree to advise the Central Investigation Division to investigate the tradition. But aies. Radicals, Japanese, Englishmen dead(killed) condemned By Modi, The assassination of Andhra Pradesh state, Narendra Modi or condemnation of terrorism by the killings of the 20 Tamils ​​and will comfort their families were unable to upset.From a state in northern India have killed 20 people in a different state, but by now it would have been a major disaster. However, attempts to cover up the killing of Tamils ​​is that it has been going on in full swing. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra in 2008, when the attack on workers fighting against it drove north Indian leaders. For this, the state government of Maharashtra, the BJP was in the Opposition urged to disband. Purvanchal Group reiterated its demand for the biggest fight of the capital held in Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue immediately intervened and arranged for justice for the victims. The biggest problem facing migrant attacks on the government and the leadership of the national parties tend to ignore the killing of 20 Tamil Other state dead Tamils ​​than himself, what could it be?Chennai mukalivakkat violation of human beings from the building to the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states, along with a collapsed vipattileye antirattaic provided compensation of Rs 20 lakh. But the brutal murder of Tamil Nadu state just Rs 3 lakh to the families of compensation to which the only justifiable.Related to this issue, the federal government intervened in the two states can deliver justice. Therefore, strongly condemn the massacre of 20 people, the issue to the Supreme Court or the CBI Swear to trial, the granting of compensation of Rs 25 lakh each to the families of the Prime Minister's action to take. The AP 3000 is being held in jail for illegal release of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Narendra Modi Tamils ​​want to order. Thus, Ramadoss said.
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